Grandiose Jawns: Basi Vibe – JAzz – The Roux

July 28, 2021
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What’s Good, Good People!

I trust all is well. Need a little pick-me-up? I got you covered!

Here’s another dope show featuring some talented artists from around the globe. Now I invite you to kick back and enjoy the good vibes

:35 We get things started with the incomparable Basi Vibe. The eclectic alchemist just dropped his critically acclaimed single, “Wallflower”, a blissful record that was created to be enjoyed at house parties, clubs, block parties, or while cruising the metro. Cop it and stream it on his website:

6:20 If you’ve never heard of Jazzz, do yourself a favor and get real familiar, real quick. The Lagos phenom just dropped her latest album for Tokyo Dawn records called Black Religion and this jawn is blazing hot! It’s 8 records of psychedelic neo-soul for your system. Vibe out to this jawn over and over again. Cop it and stream it

11:25 today’s Buy or Slide record comes from Houston based production team The Roux. They recently dropped Bechamel, a 10 track compilation featuring the talents of various artists. Let’s see if the juice is worth the squeeze as we indulge in their musical mastery. Pick it up here:

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