Power Jawns: Juanita Euka – Aaron Abernathy – King Garbage

What’s Good, Good People!

Supercharge your day with the positive vibes of these highly energetic bangers! So open your ears and your mind and just vibe out

:40 Juanita Euka is a force to be reckoned with. The emerging Congolese superstar just dropped her album Mabanzo, an opus deeply rooted in her African and South American lineage. I’ve got one of many great singles on deck for your listening pleasure. Delve deep into the vibes her record “Blood” as her illustrative words elevates your day.
You can get all of that dopiness and support her music by clicking the link below:

Juanita Euka

5:25 It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music form Aaron Abernathy, but the wait is over! The illustrious soul crooner just dropped some new heat. He joined forces with British producer Greg Jong and the duo are dropping some bonafide jewels. I have one of those jawns called “Looking Up” ready for your vibing pleasure.

Make sure you hit the link below to grab this phenomenal opus:

Aaron Abernathy

12:00 You know what time it is… It’s time for Buy or Slide! We’re checking the latest from the buls King Garbage. The in demand producers are taking a break from creating for others and are focusing on creating their own jewels. They just released their album Heavy Metal Greasy Love, which is making noise all over the globe. I got one of their singles off this jawn “Let Em Talk” queued up right now. So is the juice worth the squeeze? Take a listen and check it out for yourself.

King Garbage

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