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What’s Good, Good People!

I trust all is well. While you’re making great things happen throughout the day, take a moment to relax and enjoy some great new music that I curated just for you.

:36 Funky DL continues to be a mainstay in music. Aside from his projects that he’s produced for others, this incredibly talented brother has god 25 for 25; 25 years in the game and 25 complete projects that have given the masses musical masterpieces to bang out to. His latest, appropriately titled Still Classic, is an opus showing his gratitude of the journey and all who accompanied. So peep the story on how it all started with his record “Zakes Gordon” by clicking the link below:

4:42 To be a dope emcee means more than just putting some words together over a dope beat. You’ve got to have passion. You’ve got to be able to synchronize your thoughts to the rhythmic patterns of each measure of a banger, and you’ve got to manipulate your language with a commanding presence. That’s what my man Kwaj brings to the table each and every time he drops a new record. I’ve got one of his new jawns that you gotta actively listen to in order to get the full effect of his vast verbal talents. So peep game and rock to “Stainless Vendetta”. This is a “must have” for your music library.You can cop it here:

9:25 You know what time it is… It’s time for Buy or Slide! We’re checking Ultra Beasts, a formidable duo spitting heavy rhymes and dynamic flows. Their album Put Cha Teeth On It is making a lot of noise on Social Media, but what will we hear if we take a deeper listen? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Take a listen and check it out for yourself.

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