Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Kwaj proves why he has the best jab in the business on "The Weigh In"


If you’re a true hip hop head, you know that great emcees are hard to come by. But Kwaj is one of those rare talents who can hold his own against any emcee in the game. His rhymes are clever, witty, and layered with outstanding punchlines that require multiple listens to fully appreciate.

But it’s not just Kwaj’s lyrics that make “The Weigh In” a must-buy. His flow is unmatched, with a cadence that is both aggressive and smooth at the same time. He’s able to switch up his delivery on a dime, keeping listeners on their toes throughout the entire track. Peep the bar work he drops:

Mr. Feeney, a boy when the world met me
Now this man in the mix like I swirl nestle
Ya girl let me ain’t the cat to coerce her
I split and made a acquisition after the merger

All they seen was a blur when they captured the murder
Red and yellow lights that’s Barry or Wally West
Ahead of all ya sleights I parry with all finesse


And let’s not forget about the production. Momo Ward has outdone himself on this one, crafting a beat that perfectly complements Kwaj’s lyrics and flow. The instrumentation is crisp, the bass hits hard, and the overall vibe is just infectious.

This record is ridiculously hot! t’s the kind of song that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again, discovering new layers and nuances with each listen. And who knows, you might just discover your new favorite emcee in the process.

Supporting independent artists like Kwaj is more important than ever. In a world dominated by major record labels and streaming services, it can be hard for up-and-coming artists to get the recognition they deserve. By purchasing or streaming this single, you’re not only getting great music, you’re also helping to support a talented artist who is making a name for himself in a competitive industry.


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