Funky DL’s “Let It Snow” – A Vintage Soulful Boom-Bap Christmas Delight!


Christmas has arrived early fam, and today’s gift comes in the form of Funky DL’s latest masterpiece, “Let It Snow.” As one of the finest producer-emcees in the game, Funky DL brings a unique twist to the timeless holiday classic, giving us a sneak peek into what promises to be a memorable Christmas album titled “A Vintage Soulful Boom-Bap Christmas.”

Imagine the classic “Let It Snow” taking a vibrant walk through the world of immaculate boom-bap beats. Funky DL’s rendition is nothing short of magical, transforming the familiar into an extraordinary auditory experience. This isn’t just a cover; it’s a reimagination, a sonic adventure that will have you hitting replay.

What sets this track apart is the incredible soundscape created through live instrumentation. The open high hat, reminiscent of smooth Nautilus vibes, intricately marks time, creating a rhythmic dance that will have you swaying along. Funky DL takes the role of maestro, seamlessly orchestrating the grooves with uber-talented studio musicians – Xantoné Blacq on keys/vox, Sean Allen on bass guitar, and Miles Kames on electric guitar.

The strings in this musical tapestry are robust, delivering beautiful jazzy sounds that intertwine with beefy drums, creating a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation. It’s not just a Christmas tune; it’s an experience that transcends the holiday season, promising to become a timeless addition to your music library.

In a world saturated with holiday tunes, Funky DL’s “Let It Snow” stands out as a beacon of creativity and soulful expression. This Christmas, let the vintage boom-bap vibes warm your soul and make your festivities truly special. Embrace the magic of independent music and make Funky DL’s creation a part of your cherished holiday traditions.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make “Let It Snow” a centerpiece in your holiday playlists. Funky DL’s creation is poised to give even Mariah a run for her money. Head over to Bandcamp, where you can name your price for this gem. Support independent music and unwrap a musical gift that keeps on giving.

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