Euro-Soul Jawns: Amalie Bryde – Donna Thompson – Deborah Jordan

What’s Good, Good People!

I trust all is well. The lineup today features a trio of artists with insanely dope vibes

I picked up the latest jawn from Danish performer Amalie Bryde. She’s killing it abroad with her single “Stranger Inside” and it’s only right that I ht you off with this musical goodness. Add this jawn to your rotation now. Cop it and stream it:

Amalie Bryde

Donna Thompson’s talents are tremendous. She’s a skilled performer, writer, and a jack of all trades. Her new single, “Be With You” is a musical masterpiece, incredibly crafted with you the listener in mind. Enjoy this jawn while you wind down form a long fay at work. Cop it and stream it:

Aight this Buy or Slide features one my favorite songwriters and vocal talents, the incredible Deborah Jordan. She teamed up with longtime collaborator, and uber producer K15 to drop their album called Human, a collection of jazzy records inspired by the interconnectivity we all share on a social and spiritual level.
Peep game and let me know if you think the juice is worth the squeeze.

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